Work With a Personal Trainer

Completed: 10. Work With a Personal Trainer Me without clothes or skin I'm bored with my current gym routine, but lacking motivation to push myself. Cardio for 30. Weights for 30. Rinse and repeat three times a week. I'm at a workout crossroads. The fact that I'm even writing these words down makes me laugh … Continue reading Work With a Personal Trainer


2013 Goals

After reflecting over our 2012 memorable moments, we shared our goals with each other for the first time last night. Here they are! Lyssa's Goals: Finish writing the book I've had in mind Go to a storage auction Go to work one day without makeup Take one picture a day Go to one of the … Continue reading 2013 Goals

2012 Highlights

We've had one eventful year! Here's a look back at some of our 2012 highlights -- a few completed goals are in there, but mostly these are just random things we experienced over the past year, from a monster truck show to Jon Hamm buying Kris a drink (yes, that Jon Hamm and yes, that … Continue reading 2012 Highlights

2012 Goals

Behold, our annual goal list. I laughed for a good few minutes when Kris shared one of his goals. Surprisingly and unintentionally, there are a few of ours that are VERY similar. New this year: we came up with goals for each other. Here they are! In no particular order… Lyssa’s Goals: Start a blog (OH SHIT. … Continue reading 2012 Goals