2012 Highlights

We've had one eventful year! Here's a look back at some of our 2012 highlights -- a few completed goals are in there, but mostly these are just random things we experienced over the past year, from a monster truck show to Jon Hamm buying Kris a drink (yes, that Jon Hamm and yes, that … Continue reading 2012 Highlights


Goals That I’ve Kinda, Sorta Completed

Tracking my goals publicly for the last year has made me realize I need to make the language around my goals clearer for years to come. Instead of "do fill-in-the-blank more," I need to quantify it, otherwise it gets murky. For example: Completed, sort of: Kayak on a regular basis I didn't kayak on a … Continue reading Goals That I’ve Kinda, Sorta Completed

Go to Bartending School

Completed: #20: Take a bartender class The Professional Bartending School in Arlington is a serious school for people who want to learn the tips, tricks, and techniques of bartending in order to become paid bartenders. I do not have any desire to go into this profession, so I was excited to see that the school … Continue reading Go to Bartending School

2012 Goals

Behold, our annual goal list. I laughed for a good few minutes when Kris shared one of his goals. Surprisingly and unintentionally, there are a few of ours that are VERY similar. New this year: we came up with goals for each other. Here they are! In no particular order… Lyssa’s Goals: Start a blog (OH SHIT. … Continue reading 2012 Goals

So Excited and We Just Can’t Hide It

For the last few days, we’ve been thinking long and hard about all the stuff we want to accomplish in 2012. We don’t share our goals with each other until New Year’s Eve, so stay tuned for our list tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some pictures of random memorable moments from 2011. Vacation: California … Continue reading So Excited and We Just Can’t Hide It