“And Your Excuse is What?”

A few years ago, Kris and I were at the golf range. I was just learning how to swing. I kept hitting the ball, but it would go about six inches. I was getting hopeless (but secretly kind of happy my small boobs were finally getting in the way of something!).

An older man walked over to us and shared some tips. We proceeded to have a conversation with him. We found out he was in his 80s and had only started to golf in his 50s. It was a moment that stuck with me. You’re never too old to learn/try/do something new.

A Facebook friend of mine posted the picture above. Apparently she’s 82 years old and deadlifting 153 pounds. Bad ass. It reminded me of that man we met at the golf range. That stranger planted a seed in me that, in a way, inspired this list we create every year. A connection I just realized existed.

Back to the picture, my friend accompanied it with the following: “and your excuse is what?”

– Lyssa


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