Volunteer at Transitional Housing BARN

Completed: #3: Volunteer at BARN. I’ve been itching to get involved in this organization for about a year. I filled out the volunteer form in May 2011, but it sat on my computer until this past summer. Note: this is what happens until I make something a goal — procrastination central.

I really want to get involved with BARN as “a teacher.” The whole point of the organization is to provide shelter, but they also provide learning opportunities to help the residents for when they leave the facility. I kind of figure, I’ve learned some valuable skills during my online writer/producer/editor career and would love to share them with those who haven’t been as fortunate.

Hopefully, I’ll eventually get involved in the skill teaching side of things, but their biggest fundraiser, Festival of Trees, was my first volunteer opportunity with them. You are looking at Lyssa White, glitter-covered, price-hiking, peppermint mocha drinking silent auction table captain with a stone-cold stare.

Just a girl in a glitter dress drinking Starbucks

And as always, I wrangled Kris into joining me. Hi, table captain Kris. That’s a lovely Grinch Christmas tree you’re encouraging people to bid on!

Silent Auction Festival of Trees 2012 Table Captain

I’m happy to have completed this goal and really looking forward to becoming more involved. Plus, if you recall Kris’ #1 goal for me: “Take a public speaking class and use learned skills to teach less fortunate women (if you recall, Lyssa is afraid of public speaking.)” — I’m hoping I’ll be able to complete his goal for me while volunteering for BARN.

– Lyssa


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