Goals That I’ve Kinda, Sorta Completed

Tracking my goals publicly for the last year has made me realize I need to make the language around my goals clearer for years to come. Instead of "do fill-in-the-blank more," I need to quantify it, otherwise it gets murky. For example: Completed, sort of: Kayak on a regular basis I didn't kayak on a … Continue reading Goals That I’ve Kinda, Sorta Completed


Go Horseback Riding With Kris

Also in Lake Tahoe, I went on a horseback ride with Kris and my dad, which counts toward me completing #32: Go horseback riding with Kris. Helmets were worn. Safety first. I’ve been horseback riding once before, and apparently Kris has the riding skill level of Tobey Maguire’s character in Seabiscuit. After a bajillion years with … Continue reading Go Horseback Riding With Kris

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The moment I booked my plane ticket to Lake Tahoe for a family vacation, I knew I was going to complete my hot air balloon ride there. And complete I did: #4: Hot air balloon ride. The only person in my family who I knew would be 100% down for this adventure was my dad. … Continue reading Hot Air Balloon Ride