So Excited and We Just Can’t Hide It

For the last few days, we’ve been thinking long and hard about all the stuff we want to accomplish in 2012. We don’t share our goals with each other until New Year’s Eve, so stay tuned for our list tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some pictures of random memorable moments from 2011.

Vacation: California Extravaganza!!!!! (2011 Goal)

Kris started a new side job as a Redskins flag runner.

Lyssa went to the Bahamas.

Kris and Lyssa Went to the Opera (no picture, but just imagine Kris looking bored). (2011 Goal)

Lyssa attended a “midget wrestling match” — “To: Lyssa, From: Puppet”  *swoon*

Lyssa met Van Jones, author of Green Collar Economy.

Lyssa started a new job (Pictured: Jeff Bridges talking to veggie puppets.)

Lightning struck our house and blew up Kris’ Blackberry charger

We visited Chapel Hill, NC.

Kris completed the Spartan Race. (2011 Goal)

We traveled to Natural Bridge, Va. where we went to the funniest wax museum ever. President Carter never looked so good.

We saw Michelle Obama at a Nationals game.

Lyssa coerced her family to join her in volunteering.

We took a mini vacay to the Northern Neck in Virginia.

Earthquake (random picture, but imagine Lyssa shaking and crying for weeks)

We visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

Lyssa went on a weekend trip with her Grandma, Aunts and Cousins for the first time.

We kayaked for the first time.

We took a cooking class. (2011 Goal)

Kris went to NYC to see Lombardi.

Lyssa tried out for roller derby team (Lyssa not pictured, but took the picture). (2011 Goal)

Kris worked out with John Cena.

Kris became a Packers owner

And so much more…


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