Goals That I’ve Kinda, Sorta Completed

Tracking my goals publicly for the last year has made me realize I need to make the language around my goals clearer for years to come. Instead of “do fill-in-the-blank more,” I need to quantify it, otherwise it gets murky.

For example:
Completed, sort of: Kayak on a regular basis
I didn’t kayak on a regular basis [whatever I meant that to mean], as my goal states, but I kayaked more than I did in 2011, which I consider a success. Plus, I kayaked in Lake Tahoe. I mean come on:

View From my Kayak in Lake Tahoe
View From my Kayak in Lake Tahoe

Completed sort of, not really: Drive Kris’ dad’s bug (if he allows) every Saturday it’s 70-85 degrees
I didn’t drive it every Saturday as my goal stated. I only drove it once and on a Sunday. It was the perfect day for a joyride down a country road… until it broke down. Womp womp. I also consider this as a success.

Clouds ahead of me, behind me and above me
Clouds ahead of me, behind me, and above me

Completed: Take walking breaks during work
Yes, sir. I stretched my sea legs more this year. Sitting at a desk for eight hours straight might be the death of me. During one recent walk break, I discovered I was dressed like Buddy the Elf.

A Girl Version of Buddy the Elf
A Girl Version of Buddy the Elf

Completed: Play cards more
Kris and I played more cards this year, for sure.

Completed: Drink more expensive wine
We joined a wine of the month club and I’ve not only had more expensive wine, I’ve had more wine period and it’s obvious because I have a wine gut.

– Lyssa


2 thoughts on “Goals That I’ve Kinda, Sorta Completed

  1. I love kayaking! I’ve only done it four or five times, but this year I did it in the ocean in Jamaica … which was much harder, and made me a little seasick! I love the picture from Lake Tahoe!

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