Our 2015 Bucket List

We enjoyed a nice dinner with family, came home, popped a bottle of $6 Champagne and shared our 2015 bucket list with each other. Then, one of us fell asleep and had to be awakened to see the ball drop. We’re getting old.


Lyssa’s Goals:

  1. Tailgate at Lambeau Field in Green Bay during a Packers game
  2. Go to Pizza Hut and partake in their all you can eat pizza lunch
  3. Watch every movie on AFI’s top 100 movie list
  4. Listen to all Wutang albums
  5. Adopt a road/highway
  6. Get hair dyed a color I’ve never had – thinking pink
  7. Experience zero gravity environment
  8. Go on a mirror fast for a period of time
  9. Go fishing
  10. Do not buy any clothes, jewelry, and shoes for the full year
  11. Milk a cow
  12. Attend TCM movie fest in LA
  13. Brew beer
  14. Go to Spa World
  15. Go to NYC on Halloween and attend Tompkins Square dog parade
  16. Get more involved in a girls coding organization
  17. Get nude in front of others and feel comfortable
  18. Make more eye contact, especially with retail/service industry employees
  19. Go to a club with kris
  20. Tour the Scientology church in DC
  21. Eat a new type of food every month
  22. Take dance classes
  23. Limit phone use to no more than 30 mins/day
  24. Plan an international vacation
  25. Practice more patience (and be more aware of my lack of patience) in certain relationships
  26. Go to a nude beach
  27. West Wing tour (carried over from 2011-2014)
  28. Go to the Judy Garland museum (carried over from 2013-2014)

Lyssa’s goals for Kris:

  1. Swim (will carry over every year)
  2. No social media for a period of time (a week? a month?)
  3. Take a writing class

Kris’ Goals:

  1. See a game at Yankee Stadium
  2. Make a custom bobble head of myself
  3. See the Harlem Globetrotters
  4. Get a pair of male UGGs
  5. Throw a baseball from the pitchers’ mound
  6. Go to a batting cage and hit
  7. Take a Luxury mini-bus from DC to NYC for $90 each Way – The Royal Sprinter
  8. Go to Captain George’s, favorite buffet, in Williamsburg
  9. Take a cross-country trip
  10. Teach Lyssa’s mom the DC metro rail
  11. Play a round of golf with a cigar in my mouth and beer in hand
  12. Take a picture of all of the LOVE statues in Virginia
  13. Shoot a gun
  14. Get tased
  15. Eat a fried Oreo
  16. Attend a spinning class that has a leaderboard
  17. Visit to Atlanta (carried over from 2012, 2013 list)
  18. Volunteer… maybe as a fireman?
  19. Find out my blood type
  20. Look further into acting
  21. Get a cheesy ’80s style portrait
  22. Drink an egg
  23. Test drive a smart car
  24. Test drive a truck as well as a Chevy, a jeep, Volkswagen, an Audi
  25. Play in a rugby league
  26. Attend Crossfit session
  27. Go tanning
  28. Finish getting my motorcycle license
  29. Watch first season of Modern Family
  30. Go clubbing again
  31. Ride in a NASCAR/take the experience
  32. Make a bottle of wine
  33. Brew beer
  34. Get project manager certification
  35. Learn to code
  36. Visit Reggie White’s grave
  37. Visit Malcolm X’s grave.
  38. Visit the National Cathedral if it’s open
  39. Get an allergy test

Kris’ Goals for Lyssa:

  1. Sing in a choir
  2. Play in a competitive sports league

*We give ourselves a week to edit our bucket list. We can add to or delete any goals we’re second-guessing before midnight on 1/7/15.


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