Spend More Time With My Sister

Lyssa spends more time with her sister.

lyssa in american glasses

Research Possibility of Acquiring British Citizenship by Descent

Completed: 3. Research Possibility of Acquiring British Citizenship by Descent My paternal grandfather was born in England and emigrated to America with his parents (above) in the '20s. I heard a rumor that I could become a British citizen because of the location of my Grandfather's birth, so I reached out to the British Embassy and they quickly … Continue reading Research Possibility of Acquiring British Citizenship by Descent

Visit Hamlet, North Carolina

Completed 14. Visit Hamlet, North Carolina My dad is from a small town called Hamlet, North Carolina. He’s very proud of where he grew up. I wish I could describe the joy on my dad’s face when he talks about Hamlet or goes back to visit. He’s in his element and I love to see it. … Continue reading Visit Hamlet, North Carolina

Find Out Our Family Secrets

Completed: 11. Find Out Our Family Secrets I don't even know where to begin... I guess I'll start like this: every family has secrets. Secrets might not be the best word for it, but  work with me here. My initial plan when I came up with this goal was to make sure I knew everything … Continue reading Find Out Our Family Secrets