Attend WrestleMania

Kris completes a life-long dream and goes to WrestleMania 32.

Go to a Wrestling Super Signing

Kris attends a wrestling super signing and surprisingly, his heart continued to beat.

Some of my Failures for 2013

Goal #1.  Change the name of Stonewall Jackson.   To be fair, I didn't really fail this one.  I created a petition online to start this process but my parents talked me down from this.  They thought it could get me in trouble...blah blah blah. Goal #5. Be in a wrestling ring. My whole life … Continue reading Some of my Failures for 2013

A Visit to WWE Headquarters!!

WWE Headquarters This is my Mecca. If you know anything about me you know my love for the WWE. It's far greater than my love for the packers. I fell in love when I was five and as the years go on my love grows stronger and stronger. I know it sounds like I'm talking … Continue reading A Visit to WWE Headquarters!!