Some of my Failures for 2013

Goal #1.  Change the name of Stonewall Jackson.   To be fair, I didn't really fail this one.  I created a petition online to start this process but my parents talked me down from this.  They thought it could get me in trouble...blah blah blah. Goal #5. Be in a wrestling ring. My whole life … Continue reading Some of my Failures for 2013

Get a Pedicure/Manicure a month

January..Done. February..Done. ......and that was about it lol. I love having them done but I didn't have enough time to do it every month. At the end of the day I could've but I didn't want to EVERY SINGLE month.  Goals change...plans change.  It shouldn't feel like a chore and this winded up feeling like … Continue reading Get a Pedicure/Manicure a month

Hunger Pains….

My Goal #9 was to never eat after 11pm.  I have to say I failed miserably at this one.  It's only happened about 4 times but the first time I failed was in February! To make a really long story short, I was driving across time zones and I thought I had an extra hour … Continue reading Hunger Pains….