honey pig centreville korean bbq

Eat Korean BBQ

Completed: 12. Eat Korean BBQ Lots of research went into this one. We ended up going to Honey Pig, a local chain that came highly recommended. Located in Centreville, Virginia, a ten minute drive from where we live, and sometimes referred to as "New Koreatown" because of its large Korean population (Annandale, Virginia was the … Continue reading Eat Korean BBQ

bull run mountain overlook

Hike Bull Run Mountain

I decided to take off on my birthday this year and thank goodness because it was a beautiful 75 degrees yesterday. To enjoy this out-of-character mid-August D.C. day, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to complete goal #12: Hike Bull Run Mountain. Plus, my birthday is the only day I can get Kris … Continue reading Hike Bull Run Mountain

Lyssa’s Photo of the Day: 4/30/13

You know you're from Virginia when you have a coffee mug featuring a President (more US Presidents have come from Virginia than any other state).*Failed this goal on 3/22/13 when I forgot to take a picture. My goal was to take one picture a day. Despite my failure, I'm still going to try to take … Continue reading Lyssa’s Photo of the Day: 4/30/13