On the Cover of The Washington Post

not too long ago our marriage was illegal washington post
Is this real life?

It started out with friends sharing our “Not Long Ago, Our Marriage Was Illegal” picture randomly on Facebook. Then, we were told our picture was #5 on Buzzfeed’s The 60 Best Signs Against DOMA And Prop 8 At The Supreme Court. It made its way onto Tumblr. Friends alerted us to Sophia Bush’s Instagram feed. Finally, right before we went to bed, we were told it was on the front-page of Reddit and then imgur. We were shocked. We knew we were making a statement, but we had no idea it would be this big.

Around 6 a.m. today, I got a text from my dad who had no idea the above-mentioned internet stuff was going on. He happened to see us on the Washington Post while waiting in line at Starbucks. “You and Kris are on the front page of the Washington Post today… Bought a copy… This is the absolute best…” he texts. Jaw drops. I tell Kris. Kris runs to the store to pick up every copy on the shelf.

We received so many nice messages today from friends, family, collegues, and strangers. It was a little overwhelming, actually. Thanks to everyone who shared it and for all of your kind words. We will make our voices heard about marriage equality until it is no longer an issue.

I’d like to take this opportunity to answer some very serious questions and concerns posed by internet strangers:

  • Kris is not Darius Rucker
  • Kris is not a lesbian
  • I have not had a sex change
  • We don’t make amateur porn

To say the least, we were entertained. This has been one weird day.

– Lyssa


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