Gluten-Free Pot Roast

#17: Make a new food dish a month, October There's a restaurant in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia that is amazingly delicious. It's the second time I've been to it and its definitely becoming one of my favorites. Panorama At the Peak serves farm-fresh, seasonal food with a great view. During my last visit, I ordered … Continue reading Gluten-Free Pot Roast


Albino Mozzarella Sticks

Today was the last day to complete this month’s “#17. Make one new food dish a month.” Lacking creativity, I decided to make a recipe that I stumbled upon while doing a work project. Here are Cooking Matters Mozzarella Sticks. The only difference between my recipe and the original one? I used rice crumbs instead of bread … Continue reading Albino Mozzarella Sticks