Work at a Fast Food Chain for One Day

That’s right, folks. Goal #6 was completed this afternoon by working at a local Burger King (location undisclosed).  I made sure I did this on a day where Lyssa was working and no one knew it was coming. I got to mop the whole store and I also got to checkout/give people their food. Don’t ask me why I wanted to do this.

How I approached the manager:

  1. Ask for the “Big Man/Woman” in charge
  2. Explained that I wanted to work there for a couple of hours..that I had a random goal
  3. He looked at me as if I was crazy and said “Ugh…sure I guess.”

The young man that trained me was 16 YEARS OLD!  The most embarrassing part about the whole experience was when I told the story behind why I was doing this and every single employee snuck up to hear what I was saying. Oh yea, and almost busting my ass on the floor (Caution Wet Floor).

No question about it, it was really weird asking the manager if I could work there for a couple of hours, but I did and now that goal has been CRUSHED!

– Kris


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