Visit the United States Botanical Garden

#24.1 Visit the following places that I’ve never been: Botanical Garden

I couldn’t complete this goal without my mom, who adores flowers. So, I asked her to come with me as a Mother’s Day/Birthday combo outing bonanza.

My mom, Rosmari, with Rosemary:

A few things we learned/experienced at the U.S. Botanical Garden:

  1. It’s free.
  2. I asked the security officer where the bathroom was, he said, “go passed the jungle to the right.” Made us laugh.
  3. The cactus area was the coolest. There were all types of funky plants I never knew existed.
  4. Their carnivorous plant exhibit was great. I’m so intrigued by these plants. I was excited to see the pitcher plant, which I’ve always wanted to see since I first watched Planet Earth.
  5. I wish there was more information about the medicinal plants.
  6. I saw a cocoa and papaya plant for the first time.

Random picture – cheese doodle-looking cactus:

– Lyssa


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