Albino Mozzarella Sticks

Today was the last day to complete this month’s “#17. Make one new food dish a month.” Lacking creativity, I decided to make a recipe that I stumbled upon while doing a work project. Here are Cooking Matters Mozzarella Sticks. The only difference between my recipe and the original one? I used rice crumbs instead of bread to make it gluten free — which resulted in major paleness. News flash: there’s no such thing as a crispy brown Instagram filter. Unappetizing looking, but still tasty.

I also made the tomato sauce, but I’ve made it before, so it doesn’t count as “new.”

From the recipe: “The cheese may ooze through the coating as the sticks bake. While still warm, gently press melted cheese back into the stick. It will harden as it cools down.”

I’d say. Here’s one of the many rejects:

– Lyssa


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