Go Horseback Riding With Kris

Also in Lake Tahoe, I went on a horseback ride with Kris and my dad, which counts toward me completing #32: Go horseback riding with Kris.

Helmets were worn. Safety first.

I’ve been horseback riding once before, and apparently Kris has the riding skill level of Tobey Maguire’s character in Seabiscuit. After a bajillion years with Kris, I learned that he took riding lessons in 8th grade. Did not know this.

The most hilarious part of this experience was Kris’ horse. Sunny, who Kris renamed Mr. Bojangles, had antisocial tendencies and had to be placed last in our horse trotting line because he doesn’t like any horses behind him. So antisocial in fact, that we couldn’t take our picture anywhere near each other as a group at the end, otherwise Sunny would’ve gone crazy.

Awkward family photos – equine edition. Kris on the left, me and my dad on the right.

– Lyssa


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