Eat a New Type of Food Every Month: Durian

When I asked our FB friends for new food suggestions, at least three people suggested I eat Durian, a fruit that Anthony Bourdain described in the following way:

“Your breath will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother.”

This fruit is so repulsive, it’s been banned from hotels and public transportation.

I was in.

I found a Durian at Hmart and coordinated with my parents. Kris is too picky to be experimental with food (he doesn’t eat normal food like cheese, for God’s sake), so I was going to have to brave this without him.

Here we are trying it out. Apologies for the up-the-nostril shots.

So, it tastes like a papaya and a sweet onion. The smell wasn’t too repulsive. The after taste was the worst part. It was as if I had a burger with a lot of caramelized onions earlier in the day.

And yes, this is TMI, but let’s be real, I am TMI. The burps afterward were rough.

“… once you’ve ingested it, you’ll be afflicted with burps so pungent as to roil and rot all air in the room around you. The noxious emanation will not cease for many an hour, and by that time, your loved ones will have located alternate living quarters, possibly in another hemisphere.”



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