Go Jet Skiing

Completed: 17. Go Jet Skiing

Despite living near a few bodies of water, jet ski rentals aren’t that easy to come by in the DC area. I did a good amount of research and DMV Jet Skis, one of the few rental providers, seemed to be my best bet. They’re located in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, about an hour from DC.

Sooooo I wasn’t able to jet ski in the Pooptomac, which I assumed would be my reality, but I also didn’t want a UTI, so going outside of the city was probably for the better.

The kiosk to DMV Jet Skis was super easy to find and once I signed the paperwork and took a test, the owner led me to my jet ski. He accompanied me in a separate jet ski for my entire ride, which I was glad about. I warned him about being a rule abider and that I am not a daredevil, so the likelihood of me zooming off at max speed (55 MPH) was very unlikely.  (This statement alone should help you understand why we have a bucket list. Being riddled with anxiety and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is the key to life.)

I was expecting a smooth, leisurely ride, but the water was really choppy that day. The waves kind of terrified me at first, but I had to remind myself that it was virtually impossible that my jet ski could fall over.

Once I embraced the salty waves hitting my face and channeled the brave fishermen from The Deadliest Catch/our lord and savior Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the Baywatch reboot, I was more comfortable scooting along. Granted, I didn’t go over 28 MPH, but nonetheless, it was a thrill ride for me.

I had a great experience renting a jet ski with DMV Jet Skis. I am always a little nervous when I’m at the helm of a machine with a motor, but the owner put me at ease and provided me with all of the information I needed to know. I felt safe, I had fun, and I got soaked.




4 thoughts on “Go Jet Skiing

  1. Sounds like a fantastic way to cross another item off of your bucket list! It’s on mine and I haven’t yet tried jet skiing, but I recently did white water rafting and like you, I assured our guide I was too anxious for any funny business or goofing off! 🙂 lol glad to see you had a good time and it worked out for you 🙂

  2. Jet skiing is genuinely so fun and I love your video!!

    I’ve also have a blogpost on jet skiing on my page and think you’ll be interested so feel free to have a look!

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