Take Dance Classes Round 2: Pole Dancing

I’m not done adding to my repertoire of dance moves, even though I officially completed this goal when I took hip-hop lessons, so I decided to go to a pole dancing class. More specifically: Intro to Pole.

Screenshot taken from video (below). Like, how evil do I look?  #damiensmirk


A former colleague of Kris’ reached out to me about this opportunity and I was 100% in. Duh.

A few learnings:

  • I was sweating profusely
  • The pole chafes your arm
  • I already had respect for the core strength of strippers after my strip club trip in 2014, but attempting to work the pole myself has given me even more respect for their physical strength.
  • I’m sore all over my body
  • I’m terrible
  • Within a few hours of ending the class, I had bruises all over my shins. Here’s the morning after as I sat on my bathroom rug, as one does to get a good picture of leg bruising.


Thank you, Jennifer, for inviting me to take this class and further forcing me out of my comfort zone. Thanks to my sister for joining and Swayze-ing with me. And thanks to Kris for watching the video of my “fireman move” and saying, “I could do that.”

Watch for that awkward eye contact at the end.

– Lyssa


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