Transform My Body to Be More Lean and Flexible

Completed: 41. Transform My Body to Be More Lean and Flexible

I started to reflect on my fitness routine. What’s the point of focusing on adding bigger muscles when flexibly is actually more important as one ages. As you get older, the stiffness comes (as will the weight). In addition to my flexibility goal, I wanted to lean myself out.

In a six-month span, I went from weighing 218 pounds to weighing 186. This wasn’t accomplished by a fad diet or expensive program. I’m not trying to sell you some product. As with any sustainable fitness goal, it’s a lifestyle tweak, all tactics taken are based in common sense.

First, no matter what, I drink at least 100 fluid ounces of water every day.  It’s essential. That does a lot for me like giving me more energy.  Second, I started to practice yoga. Goal #40: DDP Yoga was my preference because it helps bodies beat up by high-impact sports. I’m more flexible than I have ever been. Third, I started running more and wearing a heart monitor. Don’t get me wrong, I still clang and bang every day, but cardio is now my priority.

The bottom line is, this was a goal to help set me up for the rest of my life.  I love the way I feel now. I love lifting heavy weights, but I enjoy having  more flexibility and being limber. This is my mindset now.

July 2016 vs August 2017. I purposely wore the same shirt.





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