Farewell (For Now), Sweet Roller Derby

Farewell (For Now), Sweet Roller Derby

I busted my butt for nearly six months in order to complete one of my biggest 2011 goals, “Try out for roller derby,” which I officially completed in October 2011.

I started cardio/endurance training early last year and bought my first pair of skates in July. The moment I got them in the mail, I went to the web site of a nearby roller skating rink to view open skate times. On the site, there was a mention of a co-ed roller derby that practices at that very rink — the rink five minutes from my house! It was kismet! I immediately contacted them and they invited me to come to a practice to check it out. I was so excited.

I hadn’t been on skates since I was in middle school, but I surprised myself and quickly caught on. After a few months of skating, I felt empowered and physically strong (so strong in fact, my newly-muscular butt went all Hulk-like and ripped a favorite pair of jeans).

The night I officially “tried out” was one of my proudest moments.

A few reasons the completion of this goal was such a big deal for me:

  • I’m not athletic
  • I hate working out
  • I don’t like being in front of people
  • I’m not a joiner
  • I like having all of my teeth

I didn’t end up passing my assessments that night, but I was just so pleased with my achievement and the fact that I forced myself out of my comfort zone.

As great as it’s been, I’ve reached a breaking point. I realize that I just can’t fully commit to derby and its night practices with a 5:30 a.m. wake-up, long work hours, and 20-hour-a-week commute (that’s seriously a part-time job). So, I’ve got to let it go… for now.

Until my lifestyle is more conducive to extracurricular activities, I’m forced to put roller derby on hold. I’ll be back on skates one day. Hopefully soon.

— Lyssa


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