Pizza Party

The last time I blogged about completing my “enter a food competition” goal, I was trying to decide which competition to enter. Well, party people, I’ve made a serious life decision. Yours truly is entering Family Pizzeria’s 28-inch Pizza Challenge. This challenge requires a partner, so who is the special person who has agreed to help me eat a 28-inch pizza?

Drum roll, please…


THIS GUY. Meet Patrick. Let’s talk about this fantastic colleague/friend of mine. He is the following:

  • Hilarious
  • A pizza enthusiast (duh)
  • A marathon runner
  • A Chicago native
  • A skinny arm teacher (see below)
  • A brightener of days

And much more…

In just a few short weeks, I imagine this is what the scene will look like. Only, we’ll be wearing matching tanks and have a severe case of the pizza sweats.

Team Pizza


– Lyssa


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