Mr. & Mrs. Al Coholic Go to New Orleans

This is a big one! I am so happy to cross #34: Go to New Orleans with Kris (carried over from 2011) off my 2012 goal list! (My favorite meal of all time, red beans and rice, pictured above.)

Words cannot explain how excited I was to go back to New Orleans. I used to live in the area when I was young and haven’t been back since I was a tween. It was a great trip full of alcohol, food, and old memories. Not in that order. Okay… maybe in that order.


We spent a few days being drunk and bloated tourists, but the most significant part of the trip was when we went outside of the French Quarter and visited the Hurricane Katrina-devastated 9th Ward, as well my old house in Harvey.

Standing in front of my old house


A few random things I learned/experienced:

  1. I lived there as a child, so I wasn’t exposed to this side of New Orleans, but you can imagine my delight when I found out that you can drink alcohol in the street. You can even drink in the museums, well the Voodoo Museum.
  2. I drank absinthe for the first time, which I enjoyed at the Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone. There is an actual carousel. In a bar. It rotates.
  3. Flooding could change the course of the Mississippi River away from New Orleans. Read more.
  4. There were a lot of pregnant tourists who accompanied their alcohol-drinking husbands. I found that odd and monumentally not fun for the pregnant women.
  5. There are major pockets of stink. You know those warm/cold spots in the ocean you randomly swim into? It’s like that, but with the air. Sometimes you get hit with funk like a brick wall.
  6. The rain brought out prehistoric, mutant bugs with the power to cause volcano-sized bites.
  7. I must have a never-ending stomach. At one point, Kris said to me, “I don’t want to eat anymore.”
  8. Sure, I’m not the biggest shellfish fan, but seriously, WTF is that monster between two perfect pieces of bread that you call a fried soft shell crab po’boy?!?!
  9. I had praline-crusted bacon. Whoa there, indeed.
  10. It was hot, like 80 degrees. But not like a D.C. 80 degrees. It felt approximately 167 degrees.
  11. The above-ground cemeteries are beautiful.

– Lyssa


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