Learn How to Skateboard 

Completed: 16. Learn How to Skateboard

I borrowed my niece’s skateboard (thanks, Jade!), long board, whatever it’s officially designated as, I watched this video:

And then I drove to a local running track, where I skateboarded (is that a word?) around for four laps.

Maybe I’m projecting, but I tried to make eye contact with another woman on the track when she passed me, but she wouldn’t return the eye contact. I think she was so embarrassed by a grown woman skateboarding around a track with a helmet and mouth guard on that she couldn’t bring herself to looking into my eyes. Oh well. Her loss.

By the end, I was coughing like hell because I am getting over either the flu or the worst cold ever, but I was feeling really comfortable. I was gravely concerned about falling because, you know, I’ve got zero balance. If ever there’s a scenario where I need to escape a dangerous situation and all I’ve got is a skateboard, I can confidently roll my way out.



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