Goals getting crushed!

I just want to update you guys on a couple of goals I’ve completed or are in the process of completing.

First….Goal #14 Try Pho. I went one Saturday afternoon and got some Pho from Pho 234 in Manassas. Not bad…not bad at all. I’m sure I’ll try it again.

Second…Goal #26. Write a Poem a month. My poem for January is entitled “Light.” I’m not going to post my poems online however (kinda shy about that.) I’ll tell you this much, it’s about the light inside each of us that will never die.

Third…The #2 goal Lyssa wanted me to complete was to read the first Harry Potter Book. DONE! By reading that book in January I was able to satisfy two things. Not only did I finish one of Lyssa’s goals for me but that is my Goal #4 (read a book a month goal) completed for the month of January!

– Kris


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