The Last Decade, in Bulleted Form

How I feel about turning 30
How I feel about entering my 30s

Since tomorrow is my 30th birthday, I thought I’d take the time to properly reflect on the last decade and how eventful it’s been. In chronological order:

  • Received first set of real pearl earrings
  • Fell in love with old movies
  • Discovered the importance of wearing sunscreen every day
  • Discovered my passion for vintage clothes
  • Watched Kris graduate and find success in teaching
  • Sought office experience and quit my job at Express
  • Acquired internship at legal services
  • Got a paid position at an insurance company where I answered the phone. That was it.
  • Wrote for a kids news site
  • Got embarrassingly drunk on three Martinis
  • Saw a squirrel get run over on the way to buy my first car. Showed up to the dealership bawling. But got my first car.
  • Interned for a website showcasing teen fashion designers and traveled up to New York to cover their fashion show two years in a row
  • Secured an internship at AOL as a tech writer (was offered the internship I REALLY wanted a week later, but had already committed to tech position, so I had to decline the offer)
  • Fell in love with the Harry Potter series
  • Sent out approximately one million resumes
  • Graduated college with a degree in Communications (Electronic Journalism focus) and minor in IT
  • Less than a year after graduating, I was offered my dream job and began working for the very same person who spoke to the first college journalism class I took and inspired me to go into web production (Bronwyn’s played such a huge role in my ’20s)
  • Helped Kris search for his first place
  • Styled fashion shoots
  • Traveled to NYC for a pet fashion show
  • Got our first dog
  • Got laid off
  • Was offered a job and accepted it before getting laid off (big thanks to Michelle)
  • Discovered Virginia wine
  • Began painful commute to D.C. from Manassas
  • Moved in with Kris and got the chance to spend every second with my best friend
  • Got married on our ten year anniversary
  • Refused to have a wedding
  • Enjoyed every second spent with parents
  • Dealt with quarter-life body changes
  • Became more self conscious than ever in my life
  • Took control of my life instead of letting it just happen around me (e.g.: my yearly goals)
  • Became determined to get over my fear of flying
  • Got second dog
  • Flew with Kris to Chicago
  • Got a passport
  • Started a business with Kris
  • Traveled to Europe
  • Saw friends raise children
  • Inspired by Green Collar Economy
  • Finally voted for the winning presidential candidate
  • Began volunteering on a regular basis
  • Met the weirdest, funniest, most amazing people who I’m happy to call my friends
  • Proudly watched my sister graduate, move to a different state to study bats, and then find a job
  • Won a Webby
  • Realized I wanted to find a job where I could make more of a social impact
  • Left National Geographic after 3 1/2 years
  • Ended my vegetarianism stint after six years
  • Deepened my relationship with hats
  • Spent quality time with my Grandma
  • Lost first pet. RIP Toto.
  • Being surrounded by the best coworkers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with at Share Our Strength
  • Expanded my palate – tasted lots of new food
  • Began working out regularly
  • Debuted “Alabaster Disaster” on the roller derby circuit
  • Flew solo for work without Xanax
  • Found out I have Hashimoto’s disease
  • Had the opportunity to work with a life coach
  • Made huge strides to get over fear of public speaking
  • Was inspired by The Beauty Myth
  • Constantly wowed by Kris and his ambitions
  • Discovered first grey hair
  • Got permanent wrinkles
  • Became more confident than ever
  • Happily remained childless
  • Fell in love with California
  • Took first vacation with Kris and parents
  • Got my first tattoo
  • Stood for what I believe
  • Came into my own

– Lyssa


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