Chili Test Run

This is my deck at the moment. I’m testing outdoor chili cooking on a propane camping grill (a grill which is 30 years old and I’ve never used, might I add). I’m testing today because the chili competition I want to enter is less than two weeks  away. Remember, one of my goals this year is “Enter a chili competition with or against Kris“— number 28 on my list. If today is a success, I will finally fax in my entrance form.

I’ve almost burned down the house twice and Kris’ eyes may have detached themselves from the socket due to excessive eye rolling (he loves when I wrangle him into something without wanting to be involved), but I will come out on top… or in flames and divorced.

P.S. I’m so paranoid about getting caught grilling on my deck, I shielded it with blankets (see back left) so my neighbors cannot see what I’m doing. I hate Virginia laws.

– Lyssa


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