2012 Goals

Lyssa’s Goals:

  1. Completed: Start a blog
  2. Uncompleted: Be an extra in a movie/tv show – preferably a period or zombie piece
  3. Completed: Volunteer at BARN – transitional housing for women
  4. Completed: Hot air balloon ride
  5. Uncompleted: Go to shooting range (carried over from 2011)
  6. Uncompleted: Start playing trombone again – used to play in 5th grade
  7. Uncompleted: Go to drag bingo
  8. Completed: Take a photography class
  9. Completed: Learn how to play chess
  10. Completed: Refinish bathroom floors
  11. Uncompleted: Try a house cleaning service
  12. Uncompleted: Volunteer at military hospital
  13. Completed, kind of: Kayak on a regular basis
  14. Uncompleted: Travel abroad to volunteer (carried over from 2011)
  15. Completed: Donate monthly to charity
  16. Completed: Visit James Stewart museum, if it’s still open
  17. Completed: Make one new food dish a month – January: Gnocchi Mac N Cheese, February: Gruyere Popovers, March: BBQ Tofu and Slaw Sliders, April: Candied Pumpkin Seeds, May: Salmon Cakes, June: Mozzarella Sticks, July: Roasted Red Pepper, August: Tilapia Corn Chowder, September: Nothing, but made two new recipes in October, October #1: Hot Buttered Rum, October #2: Gluten-Free Pot Roast, November: Orange, Cinnamon, and Sugar Coated Tilapia, December: Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies
  18. Completed: Complete some type of marathon/5K/race
  19. Uncompleted: Take a wine tasting course
  20. Completed: Take a bartender class
  21. Failed: Stop wasting food
  22. Failed: Pay to train the dogs
  23. Failed: Be on Facebook less (difficult as it’s part of my job)
  24. Visit the following places that I’ve never been:
    1. Completed: Botanical Garden
    2. Completed: Tudor Place
    3. Completed: Fords Theatre
    4. Completed: National Building Museum
    5. (Unable to complete thanks to renovation) Old Executive Building
    6. Completed: Luray Caverns
    7. Uncompleted: West Wing White House Tour
    8. (Unable to complete thanks to 2011 earthquake) Top of Washington Monument if it ever opens (carried over from 2011)
  25. Completed, kind of: Drive Kris’ dad’s bug (if he allows) every Saturday it’s 70-85 degrees
  26. Completed: Take walking breaks during work
  27. Completed: Play cards more
  28. Completed: Enter chili competition with or against Kris
  29. Uncompleted: Move closer to metro (carried over from 2010 and 2011)
  30. Completed: Start freelancing
  31. Failed: Remain potato chip free
  32. Completed: Go horseback riding with Kris
  33. Completed: Drink more expensive wine
  34. Completed: Go to New Orleans with Kris (carried over from 2011)
  35. Uncompleted: Learn how to double dutch (carried over from 2011)
  36. Uncompleted: Learn sign language or Mandarin (carried over from 2011)
  37. Completed: Get chimney cleaned (carried over from 2011)
  38. Uncompleted: Swim with dolphins (carried over from 2009, 2010, and 2011)

Lyssa’s goals for Kris:

  1. Take swimming lessons (side note: Kris is afraid of his head under the water)
  2. Go camping (side note: Kris doesn’t believe black people go camping)

Kris’ Goals:

  1. Go to ATL
  2. Completing: Keep track of my yearly memorable moments
  3. Completed: Become a referee (carried over from 2011)
  4. Completed..Sorta Get my motorcycle license (carried over from 2011)
  5. Participate in a sleep study (carried over from 2011)
  6. Completed: Work at a fast food chain for at least one day 🙂
  7. Completed: Go to the Packers shareholders meeting
  8. Fast for two days
  9. Completed: Bench 300 pounds
  10. Completed: Have a podcast on iTunes
  11. Completed: Allow Curly to run around more
  12. Learn to play the harmonica
  13. Take a class on radio production
  14. Get some of my poems published
  15. Be an extra in a movie
  16. Completed: Picture taken with five celebs: 1. Michelle Kwan, 2. Dominique Dawes, 3. CM Punk. 4. Herm Edwards. 5. Jerry Rice
  17. Learn to drive stick shift
  18. Be on the radio
  19. Cook a different dish twice a month: January: Green (Bay) Beans With Bacon & Cake-Flavored Vodka Confetti Cupcakes, February: Honey Cornbread With Bacon & Deep-fried, beer-battered chicken, March: Candied Bacon & Garlic Crouton Crusted Chicken Strips
  20. Completed: Join local pro-choice protestor
  21. Completed: Cut my parents’ grass
  22. Completed: Make contact with the WWE
  23. Completed: Set up 501K and get 15 cred pay bump
  24. Completed: Limit self to two fast food trips per month
  25. Completed: No Chick-fil-a
  26. Move to another house (closer to the city)

Kris’ goals for Lyssa:

  1. Take a public speaking class and use learned skills to teach less fortunate women (if you recall, Lyssa is afraid of public speaking.)
  2. Learn the history of the Green Bay Packers. Everything about them.

And now the fun part begins…


52 thoughts on “2012 Goals

  1. This is awesome! I’ve made a similar list in the past – 101 Things to do in 1001 days. It really motivated me and kept me on track to try a lot of new things. I haven’t gotten to all of them, but along the way, I’ve tried things that weren’t on the list and ended up also being awesome.

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